Wifi link lost after few minutes

Hi all,

I’ve been using Atheros modules at 2.4 Ghz without any problem since several months

To improve performances I replaced them by some USB-AC56 (on each side for sure). But I encounter a strange issue : OpenHD starts normaly, after booting I get video and OSD but after few minutes the link is lost (black screen with the stop refreshing of OSD values )

Status led on the AC56 stays blue on both sides, thus my power supply isn’t the problem

I recently changed TX powers (from 54 to 58), may it come from this ?

Is there a log file to see where and why the connection breaks done ?

It seems that the delay before the lost of signal is depending of the type of antenna ! With a 3 dBm maple leaf about 30 sec, with a clover leaf or the original ASUS vertical omni about 2 min. I don’t understand the relationship !? Except maybe a power level problem activating a kind of AC56 auto-protect

Do you have an idea ?

Thanks a lot in advance


PS : I hooked two antennas on each AC56 as mentionned on forum.openhdfpv.org/t/asus-usb-ac56-wiring-antennas-etc