WIP Carbon Fiber Ground Station

Just wanted to share my WIP ground station. I wanted something small, handheld, rugged, and low cost so I started by taking apart a Flysky Fs i6 and iterating it into the frame along with a Pi tablet running OpenHD

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Update: Some edits were made to the CAD model, and I have begun doing a lot of testing on the placement of components and ergonomics. Rergtabbely I don’t believe this design is very optimal for my application, and therefore have begun redesigning the entire handset. Version2 should be much better and comfortable

Is that the standard 7” Raspberry Pi display? Does it work ok under the sun? Thanks.

Hi! Yes, it is a standard 7" Pi display. It doesn’t seem to ber very visible under the sun and will most likely need a sun shade. It isn’t too bad outside of direct sunlight however, but definitely not as bright as other screens out there

could you sent the cad files?