Maple leaf pcb antenna

The Gerber file (in zip format, needed for ordering)

Manufactured here: 125
PAY ATTENTION, when ordering, pcb thickness must be 1 mm

RP-SMA connector must be purchased separately and soldered to the antenna.

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What frequency is the antenna tuned for?
What are the dimensions of the antenna?
What gain does the antenna have?
Is this directional or omni? Circularly polarized?

5.2-5.3 ghz.
About 10cm/2cm
Omni directional, vertical polarized.

And good day/morning /night, or “Hello”, “I have a few questions”

Hi First of all thank you the design, would like to know what will be the effect if i use 1.6mm pcb

It’s not my design, it’s a Chinese dev’s make, those are the specs.

Thank you for this! Ordered on JLC, and made sure it was 1mm. I have been looking for a good antennae and this was perfect!

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