SMA Connectors for Maple Leaf Antenna

Hey all, I’ve ordered the custom maple leaf antenna’s to interface to the ASUS AC56 wifi cards. All going well aside from being able to find compatable SMA connectors. I ordered the connectors linked on this post from Aliexpress:

Unfortunately, I’ve had my order cancelled twice, and it seems like these connectors are hard to find elsewhere. From browsing a few electronics suppliers, this is about all I can find but it’s ~$20 per connector… which seems pretty ridiculous.

  • Does anyone know a good source to purchase these?
  • Has anyone experimented with switching out the PCB SMA connector with a more standard SMA plug?

I would appreciate any help, and thanks in advance!

I surely ordered from that Aliexpress link, can’t find it anywhere else

got it, thanks for the confirmation. I am going to rig something up with adapters and a SMA cable as a short term solution. I have the air side made already and seems to be working and passing continuity checks. Having some trouble with the female RP-SMA so had to order a couple extra connectors. Maybe tomorrow!

I’ll post the setup here incase anyone else runs into the same issue.

Happy to hear alternative solutions if others have had similar trouble.

Other solution is to disassemble one original dipole antenna and use it’s sma connector…

In this post, see pictures :