My hardware setups and links

Lots of people asking for my setups. So this are:
My setting for FF split 4K

… and for Pi zero camera / pi zero w2 / pi3a+
I’m using lately the same openhdsettings text file for all my setups, only difference is the fps setting,
for pi camera I let it 48fps, for any hdmi camera, it is 59.9fps.
openhd-settings-1.txt (25.1 KB)

MFD Mini Crosswind:
-Firefly split 4k
-Hdmi to CSI converter
-Raspberry 3b+
-Asus AC56 with maple leaf antenna

Mini Talon 2:
-Firefly split 4k
-HDMI-CSI converter
-Raspberry 3a+
-Asus AC56 with maple leaf antenna

AR wing:
-Zero camera 120 degrees FOV
-Pi zero 2w, Asus.
Now, everything is switched to Open.HD Evo. There are individual settings for each hardware, especially for camera used.
My wing is now an AR wing pro, same pi0w2 and Asus ac-56. Camera I test now is an Imx708 from Arducam. Great camera, sadly, for now, the nice FOV from it’s advertiser is available only on 1080p30. That quite limits the video range, higher data transfer needs higher mcs index, or 40mhz bandwidth.

Link for zero camera : RPIZ CAM 5MP 120: Raspberry Pi Zero - Camera, 5MP, 120° at reichelt elektronik 3

Link for Firefly split 4K :

Maple leaf antenna:

The Gerber files (in zip format needed for ordering are here) :
Manufactured here:

PAY ATTENTION, when ordering, pcb thickness must be ***1 mm***

RP-SMA angled 90 deg

On ground side:
-pi 4b+
-MFD mini Crossbow tracker
-2 x Asus AC56
-2 x Maple17db patch antenna
On tripod:
-23db Interline wifi patch antenna
Link - may be obsolete -

Second receiving antenna:![IMG_20210417_163135|690x345](upload://14XqujktO9dzkA4SVUFbSCJa5vG.jpeg)


very good and well done.

Do you have good results with the 17 db patch antenna ?


yep, I had 30k max out.

I received the FF split today
I am using your openhd_settings for air
Should I do the same for ground ?

Yep, it’s recommended

it’s me again.
Should I use 1080/60 on the firefly set-up ?

For hdmi output use 720p /60fps.
BTW, there is no 1080p 60fps, only 1080p30 for the other option.
For sd card recording on FF split, you can choose any available option.

I had 3 flights (using foxeer legend 2 for the moment due to room constraints in the motor glider)

I completly support such configuration (hdmi-csi + hdmi cam with wdr), big step compared to picam v2 for sure

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Good news, nice!

you are welcome
I realize that you disconnected telemetry uplink. Any specific reason ?

Hi. No reason for keeping telemetry up link. I had it for a while, calibrated my analog airspeed sensor through QGroundControl after powering up the system, but no need for it anymore. Analog airspeed sensor must be powered up for a couple of minutes to let it settled. So, immediately I arrive to the field, I power my Crosswind and let it sit until I mount the wings and the tracker. My OHD system in the plane has a power switch, when I’m ready to fly, I power it up. No need for airspeed calibration though bidirectional telemetry.

Thanks for sharing the maple antenna, on my way to order the maple leaf antenna on jlc pcb. Do you know what frequency is it tunned at? Looks like 5.8 ghz but i see a lot of people use much lower spectrum on the wifi cards. Thanks

best working between 5150 and 5240mhz

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Oh, I see. The patch antenna that you shared actually tuned at 5.2 and 5.8 :wink:

Where did you got the Gerber Files?
I converted them to DXF and there is nothing symetrical, every line has another length.
The Top and bottom layers dose not match 100% (not fully overlap)

Is there a PDF file with exact measurments of the Antenna?
I like to create better Gerberfiles.

It was shared on rcgroups as dwg file, someone from Telegram converted it to Gerber (can’t remember his name now)

What latency are you seeing with that firefly to HDMI-CSI converter to RPI 3B setup?

I was getting 300ms, but now with the Firefly cam recording mode set to 720p 60FPS, and output HDMI mode set to 720p 60FPS I’ve been able to get it down to 270ms. Seems rather high…

EDIT: lowest I’ve seen so far is 170ms. 200ms consistent is achievable.

Do you have an advise for a good lens to replace the FF split lens ?
If possible with a narrower lens


I use this one, much better than the original one